The creation of 3D models is already an established tool in Construction and Architecture in addition to traditional 2D drawings. We have experience in the specialist software to create such models and drawings from laser scanned point cloud information and we have established project portfolios with a range of clients in Cornwall and the South West.  Projects have ranged from small residential developments to large scale commercial  operations where we are able to  offer  full BIM specification models.

Why use 3D laser scanning for your architectural project?

  • Fast & Accurate - our scanners capture up to 1.2 million points a second to +/- 3mm accuracy with an average scan taking 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Efficient - the indiscriminate nature of the data collection process allows us to capture extensive amounts of information to avoid costly revisits.
  • Safety - with a range of 180m our scanners can capture hard to reach areas where conventional surveys would require costly equipment with safety risks.
  • Informative - the integrated 80 Mpixel, HDR camera on our scanners allows us to create realistic 3D colour point clouds of the area captured.

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